Uji Korelasi Kendala Mahasiswa dan Efektifitas Studi Daring Mahasiswa Teknologi Informasi Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta

Sapriani Gustina, Cucut Hariz Pratomo


The era of the Covid-19 pandemic has a great influence on all aspects of life around the world, of which the world of higher education is one of them, for this reason this research was conducted to see the relationship between constraints and effectiveness in adapting the online learning system. The data was obtained from an online questionnaire using a Google Form which was filled out by students of the Information Technology Study Program, Proklamasi University 45. The filled questionnaire contained the obstacles they experienced and how effective this online learning was that they felt after the end of the first online learning semester, the data The results obtained will then be tested for correlation using KNIME software.

keyword : Correlation Analysis, Kendall Tau, Uji Korelasi, Belajar Daring, KNIME

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