Article Processing Charge

Our policy has changed since 30 January 2024. The publication fee was replaced by a processing fee (600.000 IDR or 40 USD), which is paid after a preliminary evaluation (not at the end). Our evaluation has two steps:

  1. A preliminary evaluation by the editor (the author gets a preliminary acceptance or rejection);
  2. An external double blind peer-review (at this point the author gets a final decision: acceptance or rejection). Please note that if the manuscript is not published, the author or his/her institution will get the money back (except deliberate withdrawal/rejection due to multiple submissions, corrections or in cases of poor feedback caused by the author's own fault).

Submission Charge: 000.000 IDR = 0 US Dollar

Author no need to pay for the manuscript submission

Manuscript Processing Charge: 600.000 IDR = 40 US Dollar

Authors are required to pay a processing fee as confirmation, as part of the review process and as a contribution to publication costs.

Manuscript Publication Charge: 000.000 IDR = 0 US Dollar

If this paper is accepted for publication, author no need to pay an Article Publication Fee anymore.